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Why You Are Not Getting Your Desired Job – 3 Critical Elements that Enhance Unemployment

“Why are there no jobs in Nigeria?” is a major question graduates begin to ask themselves when they begin the quest for jobs after graduation from school with little or no success in the acquisition of their dream jobs. Unemployment is a situation where a person is willing and able to work but is unable to ... Continue Reading

“Why are there no jobs in Nigeria?” is a major question graduates begin to ask themselves when they begin the quest for jobs after graduation from school with little or no success in the acquisition of their dream jobs. Unemployment is a situation where a person is willing and able to work but is unable to get a job that suits his educational background and unique trainings.

According to recent statistics from the National Bureau for Statistics, 50 million people in Nigeria are unemployed and 64% of this outrageous number are youths. Take a good look at this number. Are you among the numbers? If that is the case, then this article will surely help you understand why you are unemployed by explaining three critical elements that enhance unemployment in Nigeria and in the world at large. A lot of times, we do a lot of worrying when we should be doing more of thinking. If you really consider the situation, you will discover that these three elements are the main causes of unemployment especially here in Nigeria.

1. Unavailability of Jobs

Many of us will agree with this because it is the main reason for unemployment in Nigeria. Jobs available here in Nigeria are not sufficient enough to meet the number of job seekers in the labor market. A major reason for this is that Nigeria is lacking job creators who are usually innovative entrepreneurs. Yes, it is primarily the responsibility of the government to create job opportunities for the people but in developed countries of the world, jobs are created by business-oriented citizens. I won’t dwell on this cause of unemployment because a lot of us are very conversant with it.

2. Unemployability

Even though unavailability of jobs is the most recognized cause of unemployment in Nigeria, another major cause that is worse that the unavailability of jobs is unemployability. When job seekers though possessing many educational qualifications do not possess the current skills that are in high demand in the labor market, this can attributed as ‘unemployability’. The job seeker is willing and able to work but lacks the needed skills and possesses almost useless educational qualifications. This is what unemployability is all about.

So many job seekers in Nigeria’s labor market are not qualified for the available jobs. Hard truth, right? One reason could be that these job seekers studied courses that have almost become obsolete and out-dated. Another could be that they did not legitimately earn the educational qualifications they claim to possess which is usually discovered through job tests and interviews. Yet another reason could also be that these job seekers did not acquire additional skills, perhaps in line with their field that would make them useful in the labor market.

3. Global Skill Shift

This is the critical element that causes unemployment I want to focus on. The global advancement taking place so rapidly in today’s world has made so many jobs which were in high demand decades ago to become suddenly obsolete and out-dated. These almost obsolete jobs have given way for new jobs that require new skills.

In the world today, and with Nigeria following suit, a global skill shift is taking place. For instance, a course like Library Science is becoming outdated because books can be gotten and read in electronic form today and gradually these e-books are replacing paper-back books. Moreover, you are reading an article now which I wrote and published in the comfort of my home, with a personal computer and Internet connection.

Other such courses and skills that are becoming obsolete include some aspects of medicine that have been replaced by automated machines able to diagnose sicknesses by just receiving inputs of the symptoms of the patient, some aspects of statistics being replaced by computer automated calculation systems, call center attendants being replaced by automated recording systems and so on.

Today, software engineers, systems analysts, network administrators, biomedical engineers, X-ray technicians, information and communication technicians/technologists, laboratory technicians, urban planners, financial advisors and analysts, business training specialists, technical writers and these so-called neglected professionals are now in higher demand than a lot of the so-called limiting “professional courses”.

In fact, here in our country, Nigeria,  the Federal Government is trying to encourage youths to venture into agriculture by releasing  funds for those of their businesses that are viable. Soon, oil will no longer be the in-thing. After all, it is a highly non-renewable natural resource and that’s why in some countries today, cars run on water and electricity.

As you ponder on this issue of unemployment, especially if you have been affected by the menace, ask yourself the following kind of questions:

– What skills do I have that are needed in the labor market today?

– What can I actually do that makes me useful in today’s world?

– What unique services can I render?

– What value can I add to others and to the society?

Remember, money and a good paycheck are only rewards for value and services rendered to others in dire need of them.

I am sure this article has been helpful to you, let me know what you think. I cheer you on to also find out in less than two minutes 14 Ways to Become More Employable – Secrets to Becoming More Sought For in the Labor Market. Click the link and be enlightened

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