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What is ‘Nigerian Scholars’ all about?

Are you a Nigerian student in a Nigerian university in search of scholarships and other related opportunities? Are you a school leaver seeking admission into a Nigerian tertiary institution? Have you ever wondered why there is usually so much mass failure in UTME (JAMB) and WASSCE (WAEC) yearly in Nigeria and what can be done about this? Are you a Nigerian student and have not been as successful as you wish to be in your semester and terminal examinations?
Have you ever considered giving up on acquiring a university certificate because you’ve been hindered so many times by JAMB? Are you constantly plagued by exam tension and anxiety? Do you have plans to study abroad and need help preparing yourself for available viable opportunities? Are you interested in becoming an agent of change in Nigeria even as a student?
Nigerian Scholars does not claim to have all the answers to these questions, rather we help you find the answers for yourself. is an online platform created by Daniel Ihenetu who is currently a student of Mechanical Engineering in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and is on his way to bagging his first class certificate. Daniel Ihenetu is a scholarship beneficiary and blogs because he has the passion to see that Nigerian youths are transformed and empowered to change their nation. Presently, he remains Nigerian Scholars‘ main admin but he partners with others who share in the vision. These contributors also author some posts, articles and e-books available on
Our Vision
Our vision statement is “raising young leaders that transform society through knowledge, education and information”. The vision of ‘Nigerian Scholars‘ is to see that Nigeria is transformed and reformed by our youths, the future leaders of tomorrow who will pursue true knowledge and education even while in school. Nigeria is indeed a blessed nation. Irrespective of all the  circumstances  facing her, that fact remains. We believe that one of the major reasons Nigeria’s potential has not been fully unleashed is because her youths are not receiving “true education”. Our educational system is not what it should be.
Education is commonly defined as ‘the imparting and acquiring of knowledge through teaching and learning, especially at a school or a similar institution’. True and complete education should encompass not just academic learning but systematic skill acquisition and much more importantly, character building. Majority of the problems facing our society such as corruption, violence and the failure of our leaders to implement strategic nation-building policies effectively can be attributed to the failure of our educational system to emphasize these important facets of true and complete education.
At Nigerian Scholars, we believe that if values and virtues like integrity, honesty, commitment to national development, respect for authority, love for fellow man, faithfulness to given responsibilities and the like as well as systematic skill acquisition and technical training are encouraged and emphasized in our educational system, Nigeria can become the nation of our collective dreams. keeps you abreast of latest news and updates as touching JAMB, WAEC, Post-UTME of various tertiary institutions and other campus happenings. We also keep you informed about latest scholarships for undergraduates and postgraduates that will help you further your education either within or outside the country. Also, brought to you your notice by this platform are other viable opportunities for Nigerian youths that will help you pursue your dream in Nigeria.
More importantly, helps you position yourself for these opportunities by providing helpful tips based on time-tested and experientially proven principles such as admission secrets, exam (JAMB, Post-UTME, WAEC, Scholarship and other exams) tips, study tips and other general tips that will help you become ‘truly’ be challenged to become the one of the best in any field you choose to specialize in. We also use this platform for posting opinionated articles that will build you up as a leader, the kind that Nigeria is presently in dire need of,the kind that will partake in the transformation of our dear country. Also made available on are helpful resources such as e-books, JAMB, Post-UTME, WAEC and Scholarship past questions. Together, we can make Nigeria the land of our dream.

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