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Sierra Leone’s Foreign Policy

Sierra Leone’s Foreign Policy

The primary responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (and accredited Missions) is to pursue Sierra Leone’s foreign policy objectives as enshrined in Chapter II, Section 10 of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone and as the Government may dictate.


To build a strong, dynamic and professionally charged Foreign Service capable of advocating and positioning Sierra Leone as an effective partner for regional and global peace, security and development, and of contributing effectively in the transformation of Sierra Leone to a middle income country by 2030, and thereafter, to a developed and donor country by the end of the 21st Century.


  • To mainstream the foreign service in the country’s ambition to promote peace, security and development domestically as well as within the subregion and the wider global arena.
  • To enhance Sierra Leone’s voice, legitimacy and representation in diplomacy and international relations.
  • To promote Sierra Leone’s economic, political, social, cultural, scientific and technological interests; which are critical elements in building a sustainable future for all Sierra Leoneans.
  • To work towards the realization of the objectives set out in Section 10 of the 1991 Constitution of the Republic of Sierra Leone, namely:
    • the promotion and protection of the National interest;
    • the promotion of sub-regional, regional and inter-African cooperation and unity;
    • the promotion of international cooperation for the consolidation of international peace and security and mutual respect among all nations; and respect for their territorial integrity and independence; and
    • respect for international law and treaty obligations, as well as the seeking of settlement of international disputes by negotiation, reconciliation, arbitration or adjudication;


Sierra Leone is broadening and deepening diplomatic relations within the international community. The key milestones include the following:

  1. Sierra Leone’s voice is recognized in global debates and decision-making on global challenges viz, peace, security, and prosperity.
  2. Sierra Leone becomes a relevant and legitimate influence in conducting regional international foreign policy.
  3. Sierra Leone’s bilateral and multilateral relations achieve significant directions and international leverage.
  4. Attract and builds strong mechanisms for development cooperation.

In concrete terms, the MFAIC Strategy will in the next five years work towards these milestones by undertaking the flowing actions:

  • Transform the Ministry into a strong, modernized and first class foreign service institution through institutional capacity enhancement, focused staffing and a range of training and skills development activities;
  • Mainstream the Ministry as a key interlocutor in rebranding the country;
  • Build effective advocacy mechanism and international cooperation for the accomplishment of the Agenda for Prosperity;
  • Contribute in strengthening the international system by promoting legitimacy, accountability and democratic principles in global governance with a view to improving the operational effectiveness of the UN and other international organizations;
  • Collaborate with other countries in the fight against international challenges such as poverty and pandemic diseases, trafficking in drugs and humans, terrorism and the illicit transfer and proliferation of small arms and light weapons;
  • Establish effective coalitions and contribute to regional and international initiatives geared towards the maintenance of peace and security;
  • Ensure regular payments of assessed contributions and other financial obligations to international organizations to ensure Sierra Leone’s continued membership and participation;
  • Promote Sierra Leone’s candidature in positions of intergovernmental organizations while ensuring the welfare and effective participation of recruited Sierra Leoneans;
  • Strengthen Sierra Leone’s international relations with regional and sub-regional integration notably at the levels of the Mano River Union, the Economic Community of West African States ECOWAS) and the African Union;
  • Promote good neighbourliness through constructive engagement and entry into Cooperative agreements and representational activities aimed at improving market access and foreign direct investment.

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