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Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

Fundamental Principles of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy

Since independence, with Jaja Wachuku as the first Minister of Foreign Affairs and Commons, later called External Affairs, Nigerian foreign policy has been characterised by a focus on Africa as a regional power and by attachment to several fundamental principles:

  • African unity and independence;
  • capability to exercise hegemonic influence in the region: peaceful settlement of disputes; 
  • non-alignment and non-intentional interference in the internal affairs of other nations;
  • and regional economic cooperation and development.

In carrying out these principles, Nigeria participates in the African Union, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Non-Aligned Movement, the Commonwealth of Nations, and the United Nations.There are many Nigerian organizations outside the country. Prominent among them is the Houston, Texas United States-based Nigerian Union Diaspora (NUD), which is the umbrella Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) for the economic and political empowerment of the people of Nigerian descent outside Nigeria.

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