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Breaking Down Unemployment in Other Ways

Breaking Down Unemployment in Other Ways

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also gives information about the reasons for being unemployed as well as the length of time individuals have been unemployed. This table, for example, shows the four reasons for being unemployed and the percentages of the currently unemployed that fall into each category. This table shows the length of unemployment. For both of these, the data is from February of 2015. (

Reasons for Being Unemployed, February 2015

New Entrants11.2%
Job Leavers10.2%
Job Losers: Temporary11.7%
Job Losers: Non Temporary36.3%

Length of Unemployment, February 2015

Length of TimePercentage
Under 5 weeks27.9%
5 to 14 weeks25.6%
15 to 26 weeks15.4%
Over 27 weeks31.1%

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