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States of Matter

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In this tutorial, we explore the states of matter and then look at the kinetic molecular theory. Matter exists in three states: solid, liquid and gas. We will also examine how the kinetic theory of matter helps explain boiling and melting points as well as other properties of matter.

We are surrounded by gases in our atmosphere which support and protect life on this planet. Everyday we breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Green plants take in the carbon dioxide and release oxygen. One way or another we are surrounded by a mix of many different gases, some that we need and some that are harmful to us. In this tutorial, we also learn more about gases and about the different gas laws.

All around us we see matter in different phases. The air we breathe is a gas, while the water you drink is a liquid and the chair you are sitting on is a solid. We conclude this tutorial as we look at one of the reasons that matter exists as solids and liquids.

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