Molar Volumes of Gases

Molar Volumes of Gases

Definition: Molar volume of gases

One mole of gas occupies \(\text{22.4}\) \(\text{dm$^{3}$}\) at standard temperature and pressure.

This applies to any gas that is at standard temperature and pressure. In grade 11 you will learn more about this and the gas laws.


Standard temperature and pressure (S.T.P.) is defined as a temperature of \(\text{273.15}\) \(\text{K}\) and a pressure of \(\text{0.986}\) \(\text{atm}\).

For example, \(\text{2}\) \(\text{mol}\) of \(\text{H}_{2}\) gas will occupy a volume of \(\text{44.8}\) \(\text{dm$^{3}$}\) at standard temperature and pressure (S.T.P.). and \(\text{67.2}\) \(\text{dm$^{3}$}\) of ammonia gas (\(\text{NH}_{3}\)) contains \(\text{3}\) \(\text{mol}\) of ammonia.

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