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Organisational Structure of Public Corporations

Organisational Structure of Public Corporations and Parastatals

1. Political Head:

The Minister is the overall political head of the corporation and he gives policy guidelines to the board of directors. He also has the power to appoint and even dismiss some senior staff members in any corporation under his control.

Also, he appoints auditors to audit the accounts of the public corporations under his control.

2. The Chairman:

At the apex of the administration is the Chairman who is a government appointee.

3. The Board of Directors/Governing Board:

The Board is made up of appointed directors who initiate and formulate policies for the corporation.

4. The Managing Director/General Manager:

He assists the Board in the day-to-day administration of the corporation and at the same time, sees to the execution of policies.

5. Key Senior Officials:

The management is made up of key senior officials. They assist the Managing Director/General Manager in the overall administration of the corporation. As heads of different units, they also supervise other categories of staff.

6. General Staff

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