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Special Products Summary

Key Concepts

  • Binomial Squares Pattern
    • If \(a,b\) are real numbers,
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    • \({\left(a+b\right)}^{2}={a}^{2}+2ab+{b}^{2}\)
    • \({\left(a-b\right)}^{2}={a}^{2}-2ab+{b}^{2}\)
    • To square a binomial: square the first term, square the last term, double their product.
  • Product of Conjugates Pattern
    • If \(a,b\) are real numbers,
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    • \(\left(a-b\right)\left(a+b\right)={a}^{2}-{b}^{2}\)
    • The product is called a difference of squares.
  • To multiply conjugates:
    • square the first term square the last term write it as a difference of squares

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