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Recommended For UTME Candidates And Secondary School Students


Physics 101: Vectors and Scalars

Topics explored include mathematical skills for science, physical quantities and units, scientific method, scalars and vectors as well as vectors in two dimensions.


Physics 102: One-Dimensional Motion

Topics explored include reference frames, speed, velocity, acceleration, instantaneous velocity, description of motion, equations of motion, and vertical projectile motion.


Physics 103: Newton's Laws

Topics explored include forces, types of forces Newton's first, second and third laws of motion, Newton's law of universal gravitation as well as forces between masses.


Physics 104: Work, Energy and Power

Topics explored include mechanical, potential and kinetic energy, conservation of mechanical energy, work, work-energy theorem, conservation of energy and power.


Physics 105: Momentum and Impulse

Topics explored include momentum, a revisitation of Newton's second law in terms of momentum, conservation of momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions and impulse.


Physics 106: Mechanical Waves and Sound

Topics explored include pulses, superposition of pulses, transverse and longitudinal waves, crests, troughs, amplitude, wavelength, period, frequency and wave speeds.


Physics 107: Electric Charges and Fields

Topics explored include the two kinds of charge, principle of conservation of charge, conductors and insulators, quantization of charge, Coulomb's law and electric fields.


Physics 108: Electric Circuits

Topics explored include potential difference, emf, current, resistance, series and parallel resistors, Ohm's law, power, electrical energy, batteries and internal resistance.


Physics 109: Magnetism and Faraday's Law

Topics explored include magnetic fields, permanent magnets, the compass, electromagnetism, Faraday's law, electrical generators, motors and alternating current.

Physics 110: Electromagnetic Waves and Radiation

Topics explored include wave-like nature of em radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, particle-like nature of em radiation, wavefronts, diffraction and Doppler effect.

Physics 111: Optics and Optical Phenomena

Topics explored include light rays, properties of light, speed of light, refraction, Snell's law, total internal reflection, photoelectric effect, emission and absorption spectra.

Recommended For First And Second Year University Students


Physics 201: Introduction to Kinematics

Topics explored include the nature of science and physics, physical quantities, time, velocity, speed and acceleration, one-dimensional and two-dimensional kinematics.


Physics 202: Two-Dimensional Kinematics

Topics explored include kinematics in two dimensions, graphical and analytical methods of vector addition and subtraction, projectile motion, addition of velocities.

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