People’s Redemption Party

People’s Redemption Party (PRP)

This party was formed by Mallam Aminu Kano, who was both the party’s National Chairman and their presidential candidate. PRP was a minor party and succeeded in winning governorship election in only two states (Kano and Kaduna) in 1979.


  • Education for all, i.e. mass literacy.
  • To promote agriculture.
  • To promote African culture, tradition, and values.
  • To provide an equitable distribution of wealth.


  • Won governorship seats in Kano and Kaduna.
  • Created political awareness among the Takalawas (Kaduna people in Zaria, between Kano and Kaduna).
  • Land was made available to the peasant farmers in the two states it controlled.
  • Educational opportunities were also enhanced.

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