Nigerian Youth Movement

Nigerian Youth Movement (NYM)

It was formed in 1935 and featured characters like Ernest Okoli, Samuel Akinsanya, and Dr. C. Vaughan. The movement competed with NNDP for the control of political activities of Lagos.

Nnamdi Azikwe, H. O. Davies, Obafemi Awolowo and Samuel Akintola later joined the movement. The party had a national outlook based on the composition of the members.


  • To work towards the unity of Nigeria.
  • To work towards the attainment of self-rule.
  • To unite all ethnic groups in Nigeria for the fight against colonial rule.


  • Won all the three seats in the Legislative Council.
  • Set the motion for Nigeria’s independence.
  • Helped to unify all the ethnic groups in Nigeria.
  • The NYM also promoted national consciousness.

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