Nigerian People’s Party

Nigerian People’s Party (NPP)

The party was formed in September 22, 1978 by Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri. Other members were Chief Adeniran Ogunsanya (Chairman of the party), Dr. Obi Wali, Chief J. Nwobodo, Chief Sam Mbakwe. The party won the governorship election for Anambra and Imo states. Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe who later joined the party was nominated as the presidential candidate.

However, the leader, Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri later left the party because of the quarrel over the presidential candidate and the post of the Chairman.


  • To promote the unity, sovereignty, and the territorial integrity of Nigeria.
  • To promote fundamental human rights of individuals in the society and the enhancement of the rule of law and equal justice.
  • For a better standard of living by providing a shelter and food.
  • For a self-reliant economy; to embark on self-reliant economy with equitable distribution of the gains of economic development within the political system.
  • To mobilise the rural dwellers into meaningful development.


  • The party cooperated and worked with the ruling party in government (NPN) to ensure a sustainable second republic administration.
  • The party captured three states in the gubernatorial (governorship) election – Imo, Anambra, and Plateau States.
  • Political Education: Members of the party and the public were educated on their political rights.
  • It helped to recruit leaders to political offices in the government as well as in the parties.

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