Dynamic Party

Dynamic Party

Dynamic Party was a Nigerian political party headed by the mathematician and erudite scholar Chike Obi. It was inaugurated in Ibadan on April 7, 1951. The party embraced Kemalism, and was cautious about the early movement towards self-government.

Kemalism is the founding ideology of the Republic of Turkey. Kemalism, as it was implemented by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, was defined by sweeping political, social, cultural and religious reforms designed to separate the new Turkish state from its Ottoman predecessor and embrace a Westernized way of living, including the establishment of democracy, secularism, state support of the sciences and free education, many of which were first introduced to Turkey during Atatürk’s presidency in his reforms.

The party was one of the first pre-independence parties to publish a well-organized manifesto. In its manifesto, it sought to contest the mad rush towards self-government by the Action Group, embrace cooperation with Europeans and Americans, promote national loyalty and improve communications in Nigerian divisions, starting from Ishan, Egbado and Ekiti.

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