Action Group

Action Group (AG)

The Action Group (AG) was formed in 1951 as the political wing of the Egbe Omo Oduduwa (a Yoruba cultural organisation). Its leader was Obafemi Awolowo. It dominated Western region’s political scene for eleven (11) years (1951 -1962). Other political figures in this party were S. L. Akintola, Bode Thomas, Chief Shonibare, etc.

Action Group, at its launch, was declared a regional party and it worked towards bringing together all the nationalists in the region.


  • To awaken the people’s political consciousness.
  • To bring together all nationalist groups for the realisation of independence.
  • To encourage and promote growth and development of their regions.
  • To foster a qualitative education to its people.
  • To encourage mass literacy.


  • Dominated Western government which provided social amenities and free education to the people.
  • The party succeeded in awakening the political consciousness of the people.
  • The party also championed the agitation for constitutional reform in 1951.
  • The party also succeeded in the fight for independence.

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