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Sir Henry Willink Commission

Sir Henry Willink Commission

It was constituted on 23rd November 1957. It met between 23rd November 1957 and 12th June 1958. It received memoranda from individuals and minority groups, deliberated on them and presented a report containing among others, the following points:

  1. Problems cannot be solved by creating more or new states.
  2. Fundamental Human Rights (FHR) should be entrenched in the constitution to safeguard the interests of the minority.
  3. The police should be under federal control.
  4. Minority areas should have special councils.
  5. There should be special development board for Niger Delta areas.

The demand for the creation of more states continued and became more complex. This effort became fruitful on 23rd March, 1962 when both Houses of Parliament passed a two-third majority motion for the creation of mid-Western region. The demand for more regions or states continued even under military rule and this was one of the reasons why the Head of State, Lt. Col. Yakubu Gowon created twelve (12) states out of the former four (4) regions on 27 th May 1967.

The Murtala-Obasanjo regime added seven (7) states to make it nineteen (19). The Babangida administration created two (2) more states in 1987 and nine (9) in 1991 to make the number thirty (30). It was the Abacha regime that created six (6) more states in 1996 to bring the number to thirty-six (36) states.

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