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Problems of Nigerian Federalism

Problems of Nigerian Federalism

1) Revenue Allocation:

This has been a problem in Nigeria. Government at different periods had set up commissions to advise on the acceptable revenue sharing formula, especially as it affects the three (3) tiers of government.

2) The Problem of Minorities:

In Nigeria, there are majority groups and minority groups. The fear of domination has always been there on the part of minorities and also, the fear of not being fairly treated within the federation.

3) State Creation:

Constant demand for more states.

4) Issue of Secession:

Threats of various groups to secede e.g. NPC’s eight point programme demand of 1953, threat of Action Group to secede over revenue allocation and Biafra’s secession attempt of 1967.

5) Boundary Disputes:

The various localities are often involved in one form of boundary dispute or the other.

6) The Federal Character:

Appointments into federal establishments in the country are not always based on merit because the issue of federal character has to be addressed. This may not go down well with some ethnic or interest groups in the country.

7) Power Sharing:

Power sharing among the component units poses a problem to Nigerian federalism because it is not always properly defined.

8) Corruption, Favouritism, and Nepotism:

These are problems of Nigerian federalism.

9) Acceptable Census Figures:

For some time, in the affairs of the country, there has been the problem of conducting reliable and acceptable censuses.

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