Normal Forces and Friction Experiment

The following is a recommended practical for informal assessment on normal forces and friction is included. In this optional experiment, you can investigate the relationship between the normal force and the maximum static friction. If you can, you should use different surfaces to see the effect of static friction. If time and resources also allow you, you can also investigate dynamic friction. You will need spring balances; several blocks, of the same material, with hooks attached to one end; several rough and smooth surfaces; and bricks or blocks to incline the surfaces.

Experiment: Normal Forces and Friction


To investigate the relationship between normal force and friction.


Spring balance, several blocks, of the same material, with hooks attached to one end, several rough and smooth surfaces, bricks or blocks to incline the surfaces


  • Attach each of the blocks to the spring balance in turn and note the reading.
  • Take one block and attach it to the spring balance. Now slide the block along each of the surfaces in turn. Note the readings. Repeat for the other blocks.
  • Repeat the above step but incline the surfaces at different angles.


Record your results in a table.

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