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Assignment: Edit a Newsletter

For this assignment, you will format a newsletter. Follow the directions below. If you get stuck on a step, review previous lessons and you can make use of some of the skills you learnt in Internet Research to browse the web for some solutions.

  1. Download the newsletter template to the Rowan folder on your desktop.
  2. Open the template in Word by either double-clicking the downloaded template in File Explorer or opening it in Word by going to File>Open>Browse and then selecting the downloaded template.
    Assignment: Edit a Newsletter
  3. Save the file to the Rowan folder on your desktop as BA132_LastName_Newsletter.docx, replacing “LastName” with your own last name. (Example: BA132_Abayomi_Newsletter) If you opened the template through Word, remember to select Save As and change the file extension to .docx. It is a good idea to save your work periodically.
  4. Change the “RowanGo App Lets Customers Shop Anywhere” and “Employee of the Month: Shanice Jones” articles to two columns.
    Assignment: Edit a Newsletter
  5. Add the word Ricet to your dictionary.
  6. Use Find and Replace to change every “Rowango” to “RowanGo”.
  7. Add the word RowanGo to your dictionary.
    Assignment: Edit a Newsletter
  8. Add a right tab stop to the sales in the “Splash into Summer with Sales!” text box. Right-align the dates of the sales to 7 inches.
    Assignment: Edit a Newsletter
  9. Add a hyperlink to any word in the newsletter that directs you back to this page. (Copy the URL at the top of your browser.)
    Assignment: Edit a Newsletter
  10. Apply at least one text effect (out of Outline, Shadow, Reflection, or Glow) to the words “Rowan Retail” at the top of the newsletter. Be sure the words are still readable in the text box.
    Assignment: Edit a Newsletter
  11. Save your work.

Check Your Understanding: Cover Pages

The techniques we learned in this module can be applied in many different ways. The video below uses many techniques you have learned and some you haven’t. Watch the video below, looking for ways that some of the tools you have learned are used to create a cover page.

After watching the video, think about some of these questions: What tools that we’ve previously covered were used in the video? What other applications could these tools have? 

Assignment: Edit a Newsletter

Now that you have some of the basic layout techniques down, you are ready to move on to adding more elements to your document. Remember if you get stuck or can’t remember how to do something from this tutorial, you can always come back and review.

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