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Recommended For UTME Candidates And Secondary School Students


Mathematics 101: Introducing Numbers

Topics include a brief history of numbers and the study of mathematics, what whole numbers are as well as how to carry out arithmetic operations on whole numbers.


Mathematics 102: The Language of Algebra

Topics include use of the language of algebra, simplifying expressions, solving equations, finding multiples and factors, prime factorization and least common multiple.


Mathematics 103: Integers

Topics explored include introduction to integers, adding integers, subtracting integers, multiplying and dividing integers, solving equations using integers.


Mathematics 104: Fractions

Topics explored include visualizing fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions as well as mixed numbers and complex fractions, solving equations with fractions.


Mathematics 105: Decimals

Topics explored include decimals, decimal operations, decimals and fractions, solving equations with decimals, averages, ratios and rates, and using square roots.


Mathematics 106: Percents

Topics explored include percents, solving general applications of percents, solving sales tax, commission, and simple interest applications, and proportions.


Mathematics 107: Properties of Real Numbers

Topics explored include rational and irrational numbers, commutative and associative properties, distributive property, properties of identity, inverses and zero.


Mathematics 108: Solving Linear Equations

Topics explored include solving equations using the subtraction, addition, multiplication and division properties of equality and solving different kinds of equations.


Mathematics 109: Math Models and Geometry

Topics explored include money applications, using properties of angles, triangles, and the Pythagorean theorem, using properties of rectangles, triangles and trapezoids.


Mathematics 110: Introducing Polynomials

Topics explored include adding and subtracting polynomials, using multiplication properties of exponents, multiplying polynomials, dividing monomials, and so on.


Mathematics 111: Introducing Graphs

Topics explored include using the rectangular coordinate system, graphing linear equations, graphing with intercepts, and understanding the slope of a line.


Mathematics 201: Algebraic Expressions Continued

Topics explored include the real number system, rational and irrational numbers, rounding off, estimating surds, products, factorisation, and fraction simplification.

Mathematics 202: Exponents Continued

Topics explored include revision of exponent laws, rational exponents and surds, solving surd equations, exponential equations and applications of exponentials.


Mathematics 203: Patterns, Sequences and Series

Topics explored include describing sequences, linear and quadratic sequences, arithmetic sequences, series, finite arithmetic and geometric series, infinite series.


Mathematics 204: Equations and Inequalities

Topics explored include solving linear equations, solving quadratic equations, solving simultaneous equations, solving linear inequalities, nature of roots, word problems.


Mathematics 205: Functions

Topics explored include functions, linear functions, quadratic functions, hyperbolic functions, exponential functions, trigonometric functions, interpretation of graphs.


Mathematics 206: Functions Continued

Topics explored include linear functions, inverse functions, quadratic functions, hyperbolic functions, exponential functions, sine, cosine and tangent functions.

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