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Introducing Electromagnetism

Electromagnetism: Introduction

The next set of lessons takes the ideas of magnetism and the ideas of electricity and combines them into one. By now, you should know about magnetism. The following list summarises the next set of topics to be covered.

  • Magnetic fields are associated with current carrying wires

    The idea that magnetism and electricity are linked is introduced. The concept of a magnetic field around a current carrying wire is explored and a simple method to determine the direction of the magnetic field is explained.

  • Faraday’s law

    Faraday’s law relates the emf produced to the magnetic flux around a loop of conductor. The concept of electromagnetic induction is introduced and some simple calculations using Faraday’s law are shown.

Electromagnetism describes the interaction between charges, currents and the electric and magnetic fields to which they give rise. An electric current creates a magnetic field and a changing magnetic field will create a flow of charge. This relationship between electricity and magnetism has been studied extensively. This has resulted in the invention of many devices which are useful to humans, for example cellular telephones, microwave ovens, radios, televisions and many more.

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