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African Quest for Unity

African Quest for Unity

African countries, in their quest for unity, economic and social development under the banner of the OAU, have taken various initiatives and made substantial progress in many areas which paved the way for the establishment of the AU. Noteworthy among these are:

  • Lagos Plan of Action (LPA) and the Final Act of Lagos (1980); incorporating programmes and strategies for self reliant development and cooperation among African countries. 
  • The African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (Nairobi 1981) and the Grand Bay Declaration and Plan of Action on Human rights: two instruments adopted by the OAU to promote Human and People’s Rights in the Continent. The Human Rights Charter led to the establishment of the African Human Rights Commission located in Banjul, The Gambia. 
  • Africa’s Priority Programme for Economic recovery (APPER) – 1985: an emergency programme designed to address the development crisis of the 1980s, in the wake of protracted drought and famine that had engulfed the continent and the crippling effect of Africa’s external indebtedness. 
  • OAU Declaration on the Political and Socio-Economic Situation in Africa and the Fundamental Changes taking place in the World (1990): which underscored Africa’s resolve to seize the imitative, to determine its destiny and to address the challenges to peace, democracy and security. 
  • The Charter on Popular Participation adopted in 1990: a testimony to the renewed determination of the OAU to endeavour to place the African citizen at the center of development and decision-making. 
  • The Treaty establishing the African Economic Community (AEC) – 1991: commonly known as the Abuja Treaty, it seeks to create the AEC through six stages culminating in an African Common Market using the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) as building blocks. The Treaty has been in operation since 1994. 
  • The Mechanism for Conflict Prevention, Management and Resolution (1993): a practical expression of the determination of the African leadership to find solutions to conflicts, promote peace, security and stability in Africa. 
  • Cairo Agenda for Action (1995): a programme for relaunching Africa’s political, economic and social development. 
  • African Common Position on Africa’s External Debt Crisis (1997): a strategy for addressing the Continent’s External Debt Crisis. 
  • The Algiers decision on Unconstitutional Changes of Government (1999) and the Lome Declaration on the framework for an OAU Response to Unconstitutional Changes (2000). 
  • The 2000 Solemn Declaration on the Conference on Security, Stability, Development and Cooperation: establishes the fundamental principles for the promotion of Democracy and Good Governance in the Continent. 
  • Responses to other challenges: Africa has initiated collective action through the OAU in the protection of environment, in fighting international terrorism, in combating the scourge of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, malaria and tuberculosis or dealing with humanitarian issues such as refugees and displaced persons, landmines, small and light weapons among others. 
  • The Constitutive Act of the African Union: adopted in 2000 at the Lome Summit (Togo), entered into force in 2001. 
  • The New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD) : adopted as a Programme of the AU at the Lusaka Summit (2001).

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    I am still under extreme human rights violations. This whole time that I have been inquiring to understand my role in the world, not one soul would speak to me. I was never privy to information that was to be given to me. Instead, I have been used as a Lab experiment and given horrific titles that I have never been diagnosed with. I am not HIV positive and I do not have Autisum. I am forced to live without being given the basic necessities of life because of my inquiry and the color of my skin. Any and all legal documents were never given to me. This includes a false union to a person that is single handedly made sure that I was not given true information. With everything being labeled with false names and titles "" to hide identities and information, I realize that I may never be able to prove this. However, for the record I have never been given information only through passive very aggressive means is married, so I am not a homewrecker. Their team effort to ruin my identity and constantly harm my mental and physical body with acts of genocide and the world collaboration is the worst possible thing that any human could go through. This is the worst case of exploitation of a human that I have ever heard of. I am blocked medical attention, commerce and trade, access to life on every level because of an inquiry. I am deeply saddened that the world justifies this because of greed. This has been a life long journey of sadness and confusion. I am also sad to know that the "reset" for the world will be based on lies all in the name of God. I know that my time will be short because of the information and timeline research that has been done to come to this conclusion. I did not ask for this path, money or unwanted label that has been given. This is the holy grail of the path to why history keeps repeating itself for power and control of human consciousness. When will you see that this is unnecessary? Teaching people how to evolve is a much better plan. My words are not to cause disruption or war. My words are only to place truth in your minds and hearts, we all are creators and we are all from one source. I pray for peace to every nation, every star and every galaxy. I pray that the leaders will stand in truth and use their time to teach humanity how to evolve in understanding the ethical ways of life, for this much to gain, mentally, physically and emotionally. I wish all the parties involved well wishes and hope that they will use the power for all people and nations. Please remember to send positive energy to all. This has been very heavy and dark. The lies and hate that have been sent my way have caused me to react in ways that I would have never done before. This has been completely unnecessary, with the communication that I desired and tried to communicate this since October 2019. No war or pain was intended on my part, only understanding. Please use your energy and time to teach people and not block them from life. A balance of power in Governments and structure would be a better way. I ask all to please respect this situation and stop sending me so much hate and fear. No one has truly understood the sacrifice that I have given to try to heal and understand. I am not an enemy.. I am a citizen of earth. I ask nothing more but to have the same opportunity. I have always been compliant, however, you have been blocked from the data and information you seek. I have always kept it safe as much as possible. I just need a light and a way to give it to the proper people.
    I ask this in Jesus name, Amen
    Erika SOS