Summarizing Heat


  • Heat and work are the two distinct methods of energy transfer.
  • Heat is energy transferred solely due to a temperature difference.
  • Any energy unit can be used for heat transfer, and the most common are kilocalorie (kcal) and joule (J).
  • Kilocalorie is defined to be the energy needed to change the temperature of 1.00 kg of water between \(\text{14}\text{.5ºC}\) and \(\text{15}\text{.5ºC}\).
  • The mechanical equivalent of this heat transfer is \(1\text{.00 kcal}\phantom{\rule{0.25em}{0ex}}=\phantom{\rule{0.25em}{0ex}}\text{4186 J.}\)



the spontaneous transfer of energy due to a temperature difference



mechanical equivalent of heat

the work needed to produce the same effects as heat transfer

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