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Solutions to Unemployment in Nigeria

Solutions to Unemployment in Nigeria

  1. Industrial-friendly Environment: The government is to consider each sector of the economy and provide the necessary infrastructure and an industrial-friendly environment. Agriculture is one of the major sectors and the government is to do what they can to attract private investors, thus creating new job opportunities. Also, the improvement of energy supply and transport system will cut the high cost of production and this will reduce the number of workers that are being laid off in order to reduce costs.
  2. Productive Work of the Government: To overcome the issue of unemployment in Nigeria, the government has to be effective in performing its duties. A socio-economic environment should be created. The government needs to foresee looming crises and make all possible actions to prevent them.
  3. Reformation of the Educational System: The educational system needs to be reformed in order to produce skilled graduates, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Practice and research should be given emphasis, not just theoretical learning. Also, the government needs to create schools, good amenities, infrastructure, and job opportunities in rural areas. This will cut down the level of migration to cities, thus, reducing high population and unemployment in the cities.

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