Realising Sounds


How do we realise these sounds in words? There are no hard and fast rules to this. As a matter of fact, a letter can have different sounds in different words. For instance, letter ‘c’ is /k/ in ‘call’ but /s/ in ‘cell’. The combination of ‘gh’ can be pronounced differently until it is silent: cough, ghost and dough. Have you observed the hilarious nature of these words: rough, plough, through, slough, though, hiccough, cough, thought, thorough, lough?

Video: “Ough” is Tough to Figure Out

Have you seen this video? There are various ways to pronounce “O-U-G-H” in the English language. This was hilariously demonstrated on the “I Love Lucy” television program by Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) and his wife, Lucy. This funny clip sums up a challenging piece of the English language.

Where are we? So, realising words in English is a little tasking. See some help in the next couple of lessons.

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