Present Tense

Present Tense

When you are referring to an existing state of affair you use the present tense. Just like past, present tense has four sub-classes:

Use of Simple Present Tense:

Simple present tense is the base form of the verb without any inflection (suffix) except when used with a singular subject and third person singular pronoun (he, she and it).

  • Simple present tense is used when there is no likelihood of change in the action or state being referred to.




The earth revolves round the sun.

The earth doesn’t revolve round the sun.

Does the earth revolve around the sun?

Koma village is in Adamawa state.

Koma village isn’t in Kogi state.

Is Koma village in Adamawa?

My father works with NRC.

My father doesn’t work with NRC.

Does my father work with NRC?

The players pray before every match.

The prayers do not pray before every match.

Do the players pray before every match?

  • Use simple present tense when the action being described goes on simultaneously with its description. We see this in:


Messi makes a quick pass to Neymar. Neymar takes out Ronaldo and returns the ball to Messi. He moves the ball forward. Oh no! The referee blows for offside.


Here come the living legends in the movie industry!

I hereby welcome the overall winner, Miss Patience!

Live demonstration:

I cut the paper into equal half. Then, I place them side by side before the water is poured on them.

Performative declaration:

I request you open the box before everyone.

The commander warns against insubordination.

Use of Present Continuous Tense:

Present continuous tense is formed by using present tense of be (am, is and are) and verb+ing.

  • It is used for actions happening now.




I am typing these questions.

I am not typing these questions.

Am I typing the questions?

The baby is sleeping in the room.

The baby is not sleeping in the room.

Is the baby not sleeping in the room?

The coach is giving the players the last instruction.

The coach is not giving the players the last instruction.

Is the coach giving the players the last instruction?

The clergy men are praying.

The clergy men aren’t praying.

Do the players pray before every match?

  • It is also used for a temporary action which may not be happening at the moment.

I am working with the group until my real appointing.

  • For reference to habits that seems new or temporary

You are drinking a lot these days.

They are really doing their work as expected.

  • For future uses

I am meeting with the president by 10.

The grannies are visiting by Easter.

  • To show continuous progress or change

Technology is really affecting our young ones.

Your handwriting is improving day by day.

You are getting better at that work.

Use of Present Perfect Tense:

Present perfect tense is formed by using has/have and the verb+ing form.

  • For something that started in the past but not yet finished

I have taught in this school for six years.

The contractor has not yet finished his work.

  • When the time in reference has not elapsed

The children have cut four trees today.

It hasn’t rained much this year.

  • Actions completed recently and you can see the result

We have just finished the exam.

The police have mounted the road block again.

Use of Present Perfect Continuous Tense:

Present perfect continuous tense is formed by using has/have with been verb +ing. It is used for action that started in the past and is still continuing in the present.

The children have been packing the debris since last week.

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