Object Case

Object Case

Object Case




First Person



Second Person



Third Person

him, her, it



Pronouns in the object case are used after a transitive verb or a preposition.


After a Transitive Verb:

The assessor dropped me off.

The president asked us difficult questions.

The chairman reminded you to copy the minutes.

The woman gave him a bottle to keep.

Their mother slapped them.

After a preposition:

I think of her often.

The children ran towards us.

The man kept children away from her.

The speaker gave it to him.

To us Nigerians, a cup of tea and a slice of bread is no meal.

The principal relied on us students to win the trophy.

Compound Object with a Pronoun:

The matter is between you and me; not the matter is between you and I. Remember the pronoun is coming after a preposition between. The confusion sets in because pronoun ‘you’ remains the same both as subject and object. If that expression is reversed, it will be clearer: The matter is between me and you. J

Other examples are:

The Maths teacher invited me.

The Math teacher invited Sadiq.

The Math teacher invited Sadiq and me.

The game prefect sanctioned the goal keeper and her.

Object Pronoun and Comparison

When ‘than’ is followed by a pronoun on its own. The pronoun must be an object pronoun such as ‘me’, ‘him’, or ‘her’.

My brother is younger than me.

Lamin was shorter than her.

The above rule is like that because ‘than’ is seen as a preposition. However, when you use ‘than’ as a conjunction, there should be two clauses. As such, ‘than’ is joining two clauses and the subject must be expressed as such.

He is taller than I am.

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