Commonly Misspelt Words

Commonly Misspelt Words

The following are some commonly misspelt words for students to take note:

Interpret not interprete

Auxiliary not auxilliary

Cemetery not cementary

Doughnut not downut

Brassiere not brezier

Millennium not millenium

millionaire not millionnaire

pneumonia not nemonnia

gynaecology not gynechology

cantankerous not catankerous

buoyant not bouyant

buttress not butress

erroneous not erronious

hypotenuse not hypotenus

oscillatory not oscilatory

hierarchy not hierachy

grievous not grievious

loquacious not locuacious

accommodation not accomodation

continuous not continous

February not febuary

diarrhoea not diarhea

indict not indite

supersede not supercede

maintenance not maintainance

sustenance not sustainance

catastrophe not catastrophy

camouflage not camoflag

curriculum not curiculum

liaison not liason

lieutenant not leftenant

noticeable not noticable

paraphernalia not parafenelia

trafficking not trafficing

trekking not trecking

questionnaire not questionaire

restaurant not restuarant 

fluorescent not flouresent

rheumatism not romatism

satellite not sattelite

tomorrow not tomorow

Wednesday not wensday

Tuesday not tusday

Weird not wierd

Vengeance not vengence

Success not sucess

Somersault not somersult

acoustic not acoostic

acquiesce not acquisce

professor not proffessor

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