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Some Questions From “In Dependence”

Note that the correct answers are in bold text.

  1. “An old man should be contemplating his mortality than dreaming of women”. This statement was made by whom?
    A. Mr Faircliff B. Mr Ajayi C. Mr Tayo D. Modupe
  2. Which day of the week did Tayo leave Nigeria for Oxford in 1963?
    A. Tuesday B. Thursday C. Monday D. Sunday
  3. How many people were in the car when Tayo was being taken to uncle Kayode’s place?
    A. three B. five C. two D. one
  4. The names of Tayo’s cousins in England were ______.
    A. Tunde and Jumoke B. Ike and Paul C. Kayode and Emma D. Okey and Remi
  5. In 1963, Uncle Kayode returned from abroad as ______.
    A. a senior army officer B. a deportee C. a slave trader D. a Nobel Laureate
  6. “You’re off to be a Balliol man”. Who said this?
    A. headmaster Faircliff B. Uncle Kayode C. Mr Ajayi D. Kemi
  7. What is the significance of Tayo’s visit to his relatives before embarking on his journey to England?
    A. to eat his last meal from every home B. It is their tradition C. to receive their prayers D. to collect money
  8. In what subject did Bisi receive the highest honours?
    A. English B. Physics C. Geography D. Mathematics
  9. In the Ajayi motto, all things were expected to be done with moderation except?
    A. Study B. Eating C. Sleeping D. Singing
  10. Who was Mr Barker?
    A. Mr Faircliff’s old friend B. A lecturer at Balliol C. Tayo’s roommate D. Freedom’s father
  11. What reminded Tayo of his mother in the Barker’s house?
    A. Isabella’s wonderful cooking B. the curtains in the Barker’s home C. the paintings on the wall D. Isabella’s accent
  12. Christine first met Tayo in her ______ year of study.
    A. second B. first C. third D. final
  13. “Poets are the greatest writers”. Who said this?
    A. Christine B. Trevor-Roper C. Ike D. Tayo
  14. What was the name of Vanessa’s friend to whom she wrote a letter on the status of women?
    A. Jane B. Rita C. Celestine D. Precious
  15. What is the full meaning of JACARI?
    A. Juju Association of Cultists And Ritual Initiators B. Jabi Alliance of Car And Road Insurance C. Joint Action Committee Against Racial Inequality D. Joint Assurance Conference Against Rat’s Invasion
  16. Vanessa described college food as?
    A. overcooked and flavourless B. tasteless and meatless C. too soft and salty D. sour and peppery
  17. The language of fun among Tayo’s friends was?
    A. Latin B. Spanish C. Pidgin English D. yoruba  
  18. What made Tayo think of home each time he visited Christine?
    A. the smell of her cooking B. the colour of her apron C. her carpet D. her welcoming hug
  19. What trait did Vanessa find in Tayo but found lacking in Mehul and Charlie?
    A. humour B. humility C. gentleness D. pride
  20. Tayo thought the name  suited Vanessa very much.
    A. Moremi B. Sade C. Ajoke D. Abike
  21. Tayo’s father worked as court messenger and interpreter in the 1950’s before becoming _______.
    A. a soldier B. policeman C. teacher D. shoemaker
  22. Who was Harold Wilson?
    A. the new Prime Minister B. the new President C. Tayo’s contemporary D. a new Lecturer at Oxford
  23. Who had Vanessa’s father invited to the Christmas party against her wish?
    A. his military friends B. his school mates C. his mining friends D. his father
  24. Tayo thought of Vanessa’s mother as?
    A. strict B. taciturn C. charming and strikingly beautiful D. warm and affectionate
  25. Who mistook Tayo for a servant?
    A. Vanessa’s grandma B. One of Mr Richard’s South African friends C. Vanessa D. the chief servant
  26. What had Vanessa noticed as a habit of Africans?
    A. lying on the ground to greet an elderly person B. buying things on credit C. bargaining heavily on prices of goods D. saying sorry even when they weren’t at fault
  27. Simon suggested that Tayo, Vanessa, his girlfriend Nina and he spend the Easter holidays in ___     .
    A. Saudi Arabia B. Africa C. Paris D. Boston
  28. Christine died by/of                  .
    A. food poisoning B. Suicide C. Plane crash D. jealousy
  29. Tayo felt guilty about the death of Christine because he felt _______. 
    A. he had not given her his attention by not responding to her letters B. he served the wine that the killed her C. he was the pilot of the plane she died in D. he refused to marry her
  30. The closest relative to Tayo in England was ______ .
    A. Tunde B. Sir Faircliff C. Moremi D. Vanessa
  31. What did the signs ‘No dogs, no Irish, no coloureds (Africans and Indians)’ symbolise in the novel?
    A. gender inequality B. Racism C. Narcissism D. xenophobia
  32. In the novel, the least strenuous work was reserved for whom?
    A. the coloureds B. the handicapped C. the whites D. the aged
  33. For what purpose did Tunde throw a party in his house?
    A. to celebrate Gambia’s independence B. to attract the neighbours’ attention C. to mark his girlfriend’s birthday D. to initiate Tayo in to his cult
  34. Whose wedding did Tayo and Vanessa attend?
    A. Yunusa B. Tunde C. Yusuf D. Simi
  35. The bride turned out to be Joy instead of ________. 
    A. Favour B. Joyce C. Vanessa D. Vicky
  36. Who made this statement: “No! don’t Moremi me”?
    A. Moremi B. Sandra C. Vanessa D. Joy
  37. Tayo had a hard time trying to prepare what dish at the Barker’s home?
    A. rice and stew B. fish gravy C. chicken stew D. fried yam and egg
  38. Who paid Tayo an unexpected visit after the New year?
    A. Mr Ajayi B. Uncle Kayode C. Vanessa D. Mama Tayo
  39. _______ invited Tayo to lead a school assembly on a lecture.
    A. Vanessa B. Mr Richardson C. The Barkers D. Yusuf
  40. Who was the village drunk?
    A. Ago B. Yunusa C. Dele D. Ibrahim

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