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Electric Circuits Further Explored

Electric Circuits Further Explored

The study of electrical circuits is essential to understanding the technology that uses electricity in the real-world. In this section we will focus on revising content from the previous lessons and extending our understanding of the internal structure of a battery/cell and how this influences what you already know about circuits.

Aims and Objectives

Series and parallel networks of resistors:

  • Understanding of Ohm’s Law.
  • The meaning of conservation of charge and energy for different types of circuits.
  • Calculations done using series and parallel circuits.
  • Solve problems involving current, voltage and resistance for circuits.

Batteries and internal resistance:

  • State that a real battery has internal resistance.
  • Definition of a load.
  • Do experiments of finding the internal resistance of a battery.
  • Do calculations by using circuits with batteries with internal resistance.

Evaluating internal resistance in circuits:

  • Solve circuit problems using batteries with internal resistance with series, parallel and series-parallel circuits.

Extension: Wheatstone Bridge:

  • Definition of a Wheatstone Bridge.
  • Solve problems concerning the Wheatstone Bridge.

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