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Summarizing Bonding in Crystalline Solids


  • Packing structures of common ionic salts include FCC and BCC.
  • The density of a crystal is inversely related to the equilibrium constant.
  • The dissociation energy of a salt is large when the equilibrium separation distance is small.
  • The densities and equilibrium radii for common salts (FCC) are nearly the same.


body-centered cubic (BCC)

crystal structure in which an ion is surrounded by eight nearest neighbors located at the corners of a unit cell

face-centered cubic (FCC)

crystal structure in which an ion is surrounded by six nearest neighbors located at the faces at the faces of a unit cell


regular array or arrangement of atoms into a crystal structure

repulsion constant

experimental parameter associated with a repulsive force between ions brought so close together that the exclusion principle is important

simple cubic

basic crystal structure in which each ion is located at the nodes of a three-dimensional grid

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