Functions of the Civil Service

Functions of the Nigerian Civil Service

1. Formulation of Policies:

The senior administrative and technical civil servants help to formulate the policies and programmes of the government. These are presented to the ministers and commissioners for consideration and final decisions.

2. Drafting of Bills:

Experts in the civil service, especially lawyers, assist the government in the drafting of bills which eventually become laws.

3. Advice to the ministers/commissioners:

The top civil servants act as advisers to the ministers and commissioners in charge of their ministries. Their relevant expertise and experience afford them the opportunity of providing dependable guide and information on complex government policies and programmes. They also help the political appointees to furnish the legislature with relevant information requested on their ministry.

4. Implementation of government policies:

The top civil servants coordinate and supervise their subordinates to ensure the smooth execution of the policies and programmes of government. This ensures the provision of amenities to improve the health, education, social and general life of their people.

5. Preparation of annual estimates and budgets:

The civil servants draft and prepare the annual budget and estimates of government ministries, departments and corporations.

6. Keeping government records and property:

Civil servants gather and supply very useful information on which government policies and programmes are based. They keep and preserve government property.

7. Collection of revenue:

The civil service assists the government to generate funds through the collection of taxes paid by citizens and corporate organizations, fines from the courts and duties paid by exporters and importers. This revenue enables the government to achieve its goals and objectives.

8. Law-making:

The civil service makes byelaws, regulations and orders under powers granted it by the Parliament.

9. Quasi-judicial functions:

The civil service performs some quasi-judicial functions such as the arrest and prosecution of smugglers (by custom officials). Public health and rent control officers often inspect residential and commercial houses to ascertain their level of cleanliness and curb exorbitant rent demanded by landlords.

10. Public Enlightenment:

The civil service helps to explain government policies to the members of the public. They carry out public enlightenment especially through the mass media to enable the people to appreciate government policies and programmes, and problems facing the government.

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