Duties of the State to the Citizens

Duties and Obligations of the State to the Citizens

Since the civil society has surrendered their right to fend for themselves to the government for the common good of every individual, the government in turn owes certain duties and responsibilities to the civil society.

These responsibilities and duties of the government is something most people are not aware of. This post was written to expose such to you and for academic purpose. Below are the responsibilities and duties of the government to the citizens of a state:

1. Maintenance of Law and Order

It is the prime duty of the government to keep the society intact and in peace. Maintenance of law and order is ensured through the police, armed forces and the courts by protecting the liberties of individuals in the society. This is done by regulating the conduct of individuals living within the society and punishing offenders of the law.

2. Protection of Lives and Properties

It is the duty of the government to protect lives and properties of the citizens residing within the country and outside the country. This ensures the enjoyment of the right to life and the right to own and use properties.

3. Promotion of Democracy and Social Justice

The duty of government is also to promote democracy and social justice as it is through this that individual rights will be enjoyed fully and everyone will be able to realize his potentials.

4. Provision of Social Welfare Services

Revenue obtained from the various resources harnessed by the government is used to provide basic necessaries of life. This includes roads, hospitals, good pipe borne water, electricity and education and any other services that improves the standard of living of citizens.

5. Promotion of Economic Development

It is also one of the duties of the government to purse good fiscal and monetary policies that will promote economic growth and development.

6. Protection of Human Rights

Government must also ensure that the fundamental human rights of the citizens are protected. This could be done by government if the government allows the judiciary to be independent so as to adjudicate without fear or favour when citizens sue for redress if their rights are infringed.

7. Maintenance of External Relations

The maintenance of good external relations with other countries is a view to ensure peaceful co-existence between Nigeria and citizens of other countries.

8. Provision of Employment Opportunities

It is one of the duties of the government to provide employment opportunities for the citizens. Where this could not be done comfortably for all, government should provide enabling environment for citizens to make source of livelihood. This could be done by government if subsidy is given or there is reduction in excise duties or taxes.

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