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Chemistry 101: Introducing the Atom

Topics explored include laboratory skills, the atom, atomic models, atomic mass and diameter, structure of the atom, isotopes, electronic configurations and compounds.

30 Lessons 12 Topics

Chemistry 102: Matter and the Periodic Table

Topics explored include materials, mixtures, pure substances, formulae of substances, metals, metalloids, non-metals, the periodic table and arrangement of the elements.

22 Lessons 10 Topics

Chemistry 103: States of Matter

Topics explored include states of matter, kinetic molecular theory, motion of particles, ideal gas laws, ideal gas equations, intermolecular forces and the chemistry of water.

25 Lessons 6 Topics

Chemistry 104: Physical and Chemical Change

Topics explored include physical and chemical change, conservation of atoms and mass in reactions, law of constant composition, and balancing chemical equations.

13 Lessons 5 Topics

Chemistry 105: Reactions in Aqueous Solution

Topics explored include ions in aqueous solution, electrolytes, ionization and conductivity, precipitation reactions as well as other types of reactions.

12 Lessons 4 Topics

Chemistry 106: Quantitative Aspects of Chemical Change

Topics explored include atomic mass and the mole, composition, amount of substance, stoichiometric calculations, gases and solutions, and volume relationships.

22 Lessons 7 Topics

Chemistry 107: Bonding and Atomic Combinations

Topics explored include what chemical bonding is, Lewis structures, covalent, ionic and metallic bonding, writing formulae, molecular shapes, electronegativity.

27 Lessons 11 Topics

Chemistry 108: Energy and Chemical Reactions

Topics explored include energy changes in chemical reactions, exothermic and endothermic reactions, activation energy and activated complex and reaction rates.

25 Lessons 6 Topics

Chemistry 109: Chemical Equilibrium

Topics explored include what chemical equilibrium is, reversible reactions, the equilibrium constant, Le Chatelier's principle and using the Le Chatelier's principle.

22 Lessons 3 Topics

Chemistry 110: Acid-Base and Redox Reactions

Topics explored include acids and bases, acid-base reactions, redox reactions, oxidation and reduction, pH scale, pH calculations, titrations and titration calculations.

33 Lessons 8 Topics

Chemistry 111: Electrochemical Reactions

Topics explored include writing redox and half-reaction equations, galvanic and electrolytic cells, standard electrode potentials, and applications of electrochemistry.

23 Lessons 7 Topics

Chemistry 112: Organic Molecules

Topics explored include organic molecular structures, IUPAC naming and formulae, physical properties and structure of organic molecules, plastics and polymers.

43 Lessons 7 Topics

Chemistry 113: Introducing the Chemical Industry

Topics explored include, nutrients and the chemical industry, fertilizers, the fertilizer industry, alternative sources of fertilizers, fertilizers and the environment.

24 Lessons 5 Topics

Chemistry 201: Introduction to Matter

Topics explored include what matter is, elements, atoms, ions, isotopes, compounds, composition of substances and solutions, atomic mass, moles and molarity.

67 Lessons 19 Topics

Chemistry 202: Reactions and Stoichiometry

Topics explored include writing chemical equations, classifying chemical reactions, reaction stoichiometry, reaction yields and quantitative chemical analysis.

28 Lessons 6 Topics

Chemistry 203: Electronic Structure of Atoms

Topics explored include electromagnetic energy, the Bohr model, quantum theory, electronic structure of atoms and periodic variations in element properties.

41 Lessons 6 Topics

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