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Biology 101: Introduction to Biology

Topics explored include what life sciences is, how to draw biological diagrams, molecules for life, water's importance for life, vitamins and minerals.

27 Lessons 13 Topics

Biology 102: Basic Units of Life

Topics explored include cells as the basic units of life, molecular makeup of cells, cell structure and function, cell organelles, cell division, the cell cycle, mitosis and cancer.

29 Lessons 10 Topics

Biology 103: Plant and Animal Tissues

Topics explored include what tissues and organs are, plant tissues, animal tissues, applications of indigenous knowledge and biotechnology and the leaf as an organ.

27 Lessons 6 Topics

Biology 104: Systems in Plants and Animals

Topics explored include dicotyledonous plants, transpiration, plant wilting, skeletons, musculoskeletal tissues, circulatory systems in animals, bone and heart diseases.

60 Lessons 20 Topics

Biology 105: Introduction to Ecology

Topics explored include biosphere, biomes, environment, ecosystems, energy flow, nutrient cycles, biodiversity, classification schemes, and the five kingdom system.

41 Lessons 14 Topics

Biology 106: History of Life on Earth

Topics explored include the representation of life's history, mass extinctions and life's history, impact of humans on biodiversity and the environment, and fossil tourism.

20 Lessons 7 Topics

Biology 201: The Chemistry of Life

Topics explored include what life is, an introduction to the chemical foundation of life, atoms, isotopes, ions, molecules, water, carbon and the roles they play in life.

43 Lessons 6 Topics

Biology 202: Biological Macromolecules

Topics explored include synthesis of biological macromolecules, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids, and the molecular structures of these macromolecules.

23 Lessons 5 Topics

Biology 203: Cell Structure and Metabolism

Topics explored include what the cell is, structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, structure and function of plasma membranes and cell metabolism.

66 Lessons 16 Topics

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