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Problems of Agriculture

Problems of Agriculture

  • Poor Infrastructure: The current state of infrastructure in many sectors resulted in the high level of the migration among able-bodied youths. Because of this, agriculture loses its workforce, which reduces its outputs.Another example is bad roads. The situation of the roads increases the cost and time of transportation and this causes some goods to perish during their transportation.
  • Dormant Research Facilities: Agricultural research institutions in Nigeria do not work efficiently and effectively and this leads to stagnancy without growth.
  • Education and Modernisation: The lack of mechanised equipment and illiteracy of most farmers are reasons why it is hard to implement modern farming methods. Also, most problems of agricultural marketing in Nigeria are related to a poor level of education.
  • Unserviceable Machinery: From time to time, the government imports some number of tractors but there are no service stations to repair or replace parts for such machinery.
  • Food Processing Issues: 20 – 40% of the harvest is lost annually during the processing. Among the main problems, there is the lack of proper storage facilities and because of that, the harvest is attacked by pests and the storage conditions, themselves, reduce the quality of the crops.

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