Types of Reactions Introduction

Types of reactions

In this tutorial, we will explore acid-base reactions and redox reactions. Redox reactions were briefly introduced in a previous tutorial. The concepts of acids, bases, reduction, oxidation and oxidation numbers are all introduced here. The following is a list of topics to be covered:

  • Acids and bases.

  • Conjugate acids and bases and amphoteric (amphiprotic) substances.

  • Acid-hydroxide, acid-oxide and acid-carbonate reactions.

  • Oxidation numbers for compounds.

  • Balancing redox reactions.


All around you there are chemical reactions taking place. Green plants are photosynthesising, car engines are relying on the reaction between petrol and air and your body is performing many complex reactions. In this tutorial we will look at two common types of reactions that can occur in the world around you and in the chemistry laboratory. These two types of reactions are acid-base reactions and redox reactions.

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