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Biology 101: Introducing Biology

Topics explored include what life sciences is, how to draw biological diagrams, molecules for life, water's importance for life, vitamins and minerals.

27 Lessons 13 Topics

Biology 102: Basic Units of Life

Topics explored include cells as the basic units of life, molecular makeup of cells, cell structure and function, cell organelles, cell division, the cell cycle, mitosis and cancer.

29 Lessons 10 Topics

Biology 103: Plant and Animal Tissues

Topics explored include what tissues and organs are, plant tissues, animal tissues, applications of indigenous knowledge and biotechnology and the leaf as an organ.

27 Lessons 6 Topics

Biology 104: Systems in Plants and Animals

Topics explored include dicotyledonous plants, transpiration, plant wilting, skeletons, musculoskeletal tissues, circulatory systems in animals, bone and heart diseases.

60 Lessons 20 Topics

Biology 105: Introductory Ecology

Topics explored include biosphere, biomes, environment, ecosystems, energy flow, nutrient cycles, biodiversity, classification schemes, and the five kingdom system.

41 Lessons 14 Topics

Biology 106: History of Life on Earth

Topics explored include the representation of life's history, mass extinctions and life's history, impact of humans on biodiversity and the environment, and fossil tourism.

20 Lessons 7 Topics

Biology 201: The Chemistry of Life

Topics explored include what life is, an introduction to the chemical foundation of life, atoms, isotopes, ions, molecules, water, carbon and the roles they play in life.

43 Lessons 6 Topics

Biology 202: Biological Macromolecules

Topics explored include synthesis of biological macromolecules, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids, and the molecular structures of these macromolecules.

23 Lessons 5 Topics

Biology 203: Cell Structure and Metabolism

Topics explored include what the cell is, structure of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, structure and function of plasma membranes and cell metabolism.

66 Lessons 16 Topics

Calculus 101: Functions and Graphs

Topics explored include review of functions, basic classes of functions, polynomial and trigonometric functions, inverse functions, exponential and logarithmic functions.

29 Lessons 6 Topics

Chemistry 101: Introducing the Atom

Topics explored include laboratory skills, the atom, atomic models, atomic mass and diameter, structure of the atom, isotopes, electronic configurations and compounds.

30 Lessons 12 Topics

Chemistry 102: Matter and the Periodic Table

Topics explored include materials, mixtures, pure substances, formulae of substances, metals, metalloids, non-metals, the periodic table and arrangement of the elements.

22 Lessons 10 Topics

Chemistry 103: States of Matter

Topics explored include states of matter, kinetic molecular theory, motion of particles, ideal gas laws, ideal gas equations, intermolecular forces and the chemistry of water.

25 Lessons 6 Topics

Chemistry 104: Physical and Chemical Change

Topics explored include physical and chemical change, conservation of atoms and mass in reactions, law of constant composition, and balancing chemical equations.

13 Lessons 5 Topics

Chemistry 105: Reactions in Aqueous Solution

Topics explored include ions in aqueous solution, electrolytes, ionization and conductivity, precipitation reactions as well as other types of reactions.

12 Lessons 4 Topics

Chemistry 106: Quantitative Aspects of Chemical Change

Topics explored include atomic mass and the mole, composition, amount of substance, stoichiometric calculations, gases and solutions, and volume relationships.

22 Lessons 7 Topics

Chemistry 107: Bonding and Atomic Combinations

Topics explored include what chemical bonding is, Lewis structures, covalent, ionic and metallic bonding, writing formulae, molecular shapes, electronegativity.

27 Lessons 11 Topics

Chemistry 108: Energy and Chemical Reactions

Topics explored include energy changes in chemical reactions, exothermic and endothermic reactions, activation energy and activated complex and reaction rates.

25 Lessons 6 Topics

Chemistry 109: Chemical Equilibrium

Topics explored include what chemical equilibrium is, reversible reactions, the equilibrium constant, Le Chatelier's principle and using the Le Chatelier's principle.

22 Lessons 3 Topics

Chemistry 110: Acid-Base and Redox Reactions

Topics explored include acids and bases, acid-base reactions, redox reactions, oxidation and reduction, pH scale, pH calculations, titrations and titration calculations.

33 Lessons 8 Topics

Chemistry 111: Electrochemical Reactions

Topics explored include writing redox and half-reaction equations, galvanic and electrolytic cells, standard electrode potentials, and applications of electrochemistry.

23 Lessons 7 Topics

Chemistry 112: Organic Molecules

Topics explored include organic molecular structures, IUPAC naming and formulae, physical properties and structure of organic molecules, plastics and polymers.

43 Lessons 7 Topics

Chemistry 113: Introducing the Chemical Industry

Topics explored include, nutrients and the chemical industry, fertilizers, the fertilizer industry, alternative sources of fertilizers, fertilizers and the environment.

24 Lessons 5 Topics

Chemistry 201: Introduction to Matter

Topics explored include what matter is, elements, atoms, ions, isotopes, compounds, composition of substances and solutions, atomic mass, moles and molarity.

67 Lessons 19 Topics

Chemistry 202: Reactions and Stoichiometry

Topics explored include writing chemical equations, classifying chemical reactions, reaction stoichiometry, reaction yields and quantitative chemical analysis.

28 Lessons 6 Topics

Chemistry 203: Electronic Structure of Atoms

Topics explored include electromagnetic energy, the Bohr model, quantum theory, electronic structure of atoms and periodic variations in element properties.

41 Lessons 6 Topics

English for UTME: Test of Orals

Topics explored include consonant sound, voiced and voiced consonant sounds, vowel sounds, monophthongs, diphthongs, stress and emphatic stress.

49 Lessons 8 Topics

Mathematics 101: Introducing Numbers

Topics include a brief history of numbers and the study of mathematics, what whole numbers are as well as how to carry out arithmetic operations on whole numbers.

34 Lessons 6 Topics

Mathematics 102: The Language of Algebra

Topics include use of the language of algebra, simplifying expressions, solving equations, finding multiples and factors, prime factorization and least common multiple.

25 Lessons 6 Topics

Mathematics 103: Integers

Topics explored include introduction to integers, adding integers, subtracting integers, multiplying and dividing integers, solving equations using integers.

31 Lessons 5 Topics

Mathematics 104: Fractions

Topics explored include visualizing fractions, multiplying and dividing fractions as well as mixed numbers and complex fractions, solving equations with fractions.

42 Lessons 8 Topics

Physics 101: Vectors and Scalars

Topics explored include mathematical skills for science, physical quantities and units, scientific method, scalars and vectors as well as vectors in two dimensions.

52 Lessons 15 Topics

Physics 102: One-Dimensional Motion

Topics explored include reference frames, speed, velocity, acceleration, instantaneous velocity, description of motion, equations of motion, and vertical projectile motion.

36 Lessons 10 Topics

Physics 103: Newton's Laws

Topics explored include forces, types of forces Newton's first, second and third laws of motion, Newton's law of universal gravitation as well as forces between masses.

33 Lessons 5 Topics

Physics 104: Work, Energy and Power

Topics explored include mechanical, potential and kinetic energy, conservation of mechanical energy, work, work-energy theorem, conservation of energy and power.

28 Lessons 10 Topics

Physics 105: Momentum and Impulse

Topics explored include momentum, a revisitation of Newton's second law in terms of momentum, conservation of momentum, elastic and inelastic collisions and impulse.

21 Lessons 7 Topics

Physics 106: Mechanical Waves and Sound

Topics explored include pulses, superposition of pulses, transverse and longitudinal waves, crests, troughs, amplitude, wavelength, period, frequency and wave speeds.

39 Lessons 21 Topics

Physics 107: Electric Charges and Fields

Topics explored include the two kinds of charge, principle of conservation of charge, conductors and insulators, quantization of charge, Coulomb's law and electric fields.

17 Lessons 5 Topics

Physics 108: Electric Circuits

Topics explored include potential difference, emf, current, resistance, series and parallel resistors, Ohm's law, power, electrical energy, batteries and internal resistance.

30 Lessons 13 Topics

Physics 109: Magnetism and Faraday's Law

Topics explored include magnetic fields, permanent magnets, the compass, electromagnetism, Faraday's law, electrical generators, motors and alternating current.

31 Lessons 7 Topics

Physics 110: Electromagnetic Waves and Radiation

Topics explored include wave-like nature of em radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, particle-like nature of em radiation, wavefronts, diffraction and Doppler effect.

22 Lessons 10 Topics

Physics 111: Optics and Optical Phenomena

Topics explored include light rays, properties of light, speed of light, refraction, Snell's law, total internal reflection, photoelectric effect, emission and absorption spectra.

24 Lessons 11 Topics

Physics 201: Introducing Motion

Topics explored include the nature of science and physics, physical quantities, time, velocity, speed and acceleration, one-dimensional and two-dimensional kinematics.

56 Lessons 17 Topics

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