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How to Use a Computer: Operating and Maintaining Your ComputerBETA

In today’s day and age, the computer has become a permanent component of our lives and work. Computers have evolved to become our windows to a larger world and understanding how to operate correctly and efficiently does not only give you access to all of the information at the ends of the earth, but will open doors for you in your work life and social life.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a fundamental understanding of how to use a computer and you will be better ready to advance your knowledge and skills in the world of computers.

The aim of this tutorial is to help you understand how computers work and how to use them. You will learn about how to set up a computer, the difference between hardware and software, and the types of computers you can use. You’ll also explore the basics of operating systems, applications, the Internet, and a whole lot more. We hope you enjoy!

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