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Physics 201: Introducing Motion

56 Lessons 17 Topics 7 hours

What is your first reaction when you hear the word physics? Do you imagine working through difficult equations or memorizing formulas that seem to have no real use in life? Many people come to the subject of physics with a bit of fear. But as you begin your exploration of this broad-ranging subject, you will soon come to realize that physics plays a much larger role in your life than you first thought. In this introductory tutorial on physics, we will introduce science and the realm of physics.


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Tutorial Lessons

Introduction to Science and the Realm of Physics

Physics: An Introduction

Physical Quantities and Units

Accuracy; Precision and Significant Figures


Introduction to One-Dimensional Kinematics


Vectors; Scalars and Coordinate Systems

Time; Velocity and Speed


Motion Equations for Constant Acceleration in One Dimension

Problem-Solving Basics for One-Dimensional Kinematics

Falling Objects

Graphical Analysis of One-Dimensional Motion

Introduction to Two-Dimensional Kinematics

Kinematics in Two Dimensions: An Introduction

Vector Addition and Subtraction: Graphical Methods


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