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Studying Electricity: Exploring the Physics of Electricity GenerationBETA

Electricity surrounds us and can be used thousands of different ways. Today, we generate electrical energy in various ways, such as through burning fossil fuels, nuclear reactions and renewable sources like the sun, water, wind and so on. In today’s power plants, the energy generated is harnessed and converted into electricity. This electricity provides some of the power used in homes to operate everything from light bulbs to electric irons. In this tutorial, we will explore the physics of electricity.

In this tutorial, you will be introduced to the electric charge, electric current and how electrical energy can be converted to other forms of energy in a circuit. You will also learn about magnetism and how it is used to produce electric current as well as different energy sources.

Even though there are no particular requirements for this tutorial, it is however recommended that you have a basic foundation in physics before you begin this tutorial. Our tutorial on Introduction to Physics should help you get up to speed. We hope you enjoy!

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