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Studying the Diversity of Matter: Elements, Chemical Bonds and ReactionsBETA

4 days4 Lessons

Billiards, a popular table game of the 1800s, used balls carved from ivory. In the 1860s, an ivory shortage prompted one billiard-ball manufacturer to offer a reward of $10,000 to anyone who could come up with a suitable substitute. In an attempt to win the prize, an inventor combined certain organic compounds, put them into a mold, and subjected them to heat and pressure.

The result was a hard, shiny lump that sparked a major new industry — the plastics industry. By the mid-1900s, chemists had invented many different kinds of moldable plastic. Today, plastic is made into countless products — everything from car parts to soda bottles. In this tutorial, we will be exploring the diversity of matter.

The tutorial consists of lessons that introduce elements such as metals, non-metals and metalloids and their properties and covers topics on chemical bonds and chemical reactions. Even though there are no particular requirements for this tutorial, we however, recommend that you have a basic foundation in chemistry before you begin this tutorial. Our tutorial on Introduction to Chemistry should help you get up to speed.

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