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Chemistry 201: Electronic Structure of Atoms

11 Lessons 2 hours 1 week

This is a university level tutorial. Hence, you will find it easier to follow this tutorial if you are either currently in or have graduated from university.

By now, we already know that all matter is made up of atoms, but what is an atom made out of? Chemists describe the structure of atoms using models. In this tutorial, we will look at the Bohr model, photoelectric effect, absorption and emission spectra, quantum numbers, and electron configurations. We will discuss light and other forms of electromagnetic radiation and how they are related to the electronic structure of atoms. We will also see how this radiation can be used to identify elements, even from thousands of light years away.


Image credit: Tiki-Toki Atomic Ideas

Topics explored include electromagnetic energy, the Bohr model, quantum theory, electronic structure of atoms and periodic variations in element properties.

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