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Chemistry 101: Introducing the Atom

30 Lessons 12 Topics 3 hours

You might have seen many examples of the types of matter and materials that exist around us and we have investigated some of the ways that materials are classified. But what is it that makes up these materials? And what makes one material different from another? In order to understand this, we need to take a closer look at the building blocks of matter — the atom.


Atoms are the basis of all the structures and organisms in the universe. The planets, sun, grass, trees, air we breathe and people are all made up of different combinations of atoms.

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Tutorial Lessons

Skills in the Laboratory

Hazard Signs

Introduction to the Atom

Models Of The Atom

Atomic Mass And Diameter

Structure of the Atom


Electronic Configuration

Discussion On Atomic Models

Summary of the Atom

Atoms And Compounds

Summary Of The Particles That Substances Are Made Of


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