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The Power of Developing Habits for Success (Success Habits Series 1)

Why do some people succeed, fulfill their dreams, and achieve their goals whereas others struggle throughout their entire lives with little or no positive accomplishment or results to show for their existence on earth?

Why do certain individuals produce exceptional and outstanding results and dominate in their chosen fields of endeavor whereas others crawl shamefully through life?

Why do some persons seem to create wealth from thin air whereas some others are perpetually in debt and penury?

What do all successful people have in common?

The answer to that question lies in their habits.

What is a habit?

A habit is a course of behavior. It is acting in a particular manner consistently.

A habit is something you have become accustomed to.

It is not a chance behavior, neither is it something you do by accident.

It is something you do often, frequently, daily or as the occasion to act in such a manner necessitates or demands.

A habit is an ingrained pattern of behavior in a person. It is part of your being, your personality. It is something you do without thinking. In fact, it’s who you are.

The principles of success are engrafted in these three simple words – be, do, have.

Who you are determines what you do and what you do will ultimately determine the quality of outcomes you will have in your life.

You r outcomes are a product of who you are. Trying to produce different results without first changing who you are is the definition of insanity.

Success is the outcome of positive habits. Failure is the outcome of negative habits. Whether we realize it or not, our habits are constantly taking us in the direction of an inevitable conclusion of either success or failure.

Peter Drucker once said, “The very best way to predict the future is to create it.” Our habits not only predict our future, they also create it.

Our habits program us for either success or failure. When you imbibe a new and positive habit, it sets you on the path of success.

Opportunities materialize in your life because of the person you have become.

If more people discover this vital success secret, they would stop running around in panic, without direction, seeking miracles. They would rather settle down to the task of developing their innate abilities.

The secret of success and wealth lies in who you are. Because it lies in who you are, nobody can give it to you and nobody can take it away from you.

You are the secret to your own greatness, the instrument of your own breakthrough, the key to your own miracle.

God gave us the power to predict, determine and create our future by our habits.

Successful people all over the world produce positive outcomes because of their positive habits. Their results are predictable because their habits are predictable.

As you begin to practice what successful people do, you will imbibe positive habits and start producing predictable results.

Success is not an accident. It is a conscious and deliberate process of impressing your dreams on reality.

It is asserting yourself in the world’s market place and producing powerful, predictable results through your positive success habits.

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