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YABATECH Notice to Students on SUG Election Voting Procedures

Earlier: YABATECH Notice to Students on SUG Election Voting Procedures

Authorities of the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) has released the voting procedures for the upcoming Students Union Elections. Below are the procedures;


Physical Voting (For HND II Full-Time & B.Sc 200-400 level Students)

  1. Physical voting will hold simultaneously at both Yaba and Epe campus
  2. Arrive at the voting center (Sport Pavilion) early. Voting starts at 9am.
  3. Identify your school among the seven accreditation spots in the voting
  4. Wait in the queue to present your college ID card/signed course
    registration form/acceptance fee receipt, for accreditation.
  5. Collect ballot booklet and proceed to the polling booth to tick your
    choice candidates on the ballot papers
  6. Proceed to the ballot boxes and drop your ballot papers in the boxes
    assigned to each position.
  7. Leave the voting center. Only the agents can wait after voting.

Virtual Voting (For NDII Full-Time & All Part-Time Students)

  1. Confirm your eligibility on “yabatech.edu.ng/yasu.php”. Note that only students who have completed their registration before Thursday, 30th June 2022 are eligible to vote.
  2. On the eligibility page, type your matric number or your email address as registered on your student portal and click “CONFIRM NOW” button. The eligibility response is displayed.
  3. Log on to your email for the voting link, three (3) hours before the commencement of e-voting. If the link is not in the INBOX, it will surely be in your SPAM FOLDER.
  4. Click on the voting link to take you to the voting platform. Note that the voting platform will only be accessible between 9am-2pm
  5. Select the offices and vote one after the other.
  6. Be sure of your choice candidate. You will not be allowed to make
    changes after submission. You can only cast your votes once per office
  7. Your votes count immediately you cast them.


  1. All ballot boxes must be opened and closed by the electoral official. No voting will occur before 9am and after 2pm. However, everybody on queue at 2pm shall be allowed to cast their votes.
  2. Candidates, and all their campaign teams, are not allowed at the voting centre except for the purpose of casting their own ballots.
  3. In case of physical voting, all eligible voters must present their IDENTITY CARDS for accreditation and thumbnail marking with indelible ink before being given ballot papers to cast their votes.


  1. Any eligible voter, excluding the aspirants, can serve as agent.
  2. Aspirants cannot serve as agents under any circumstance.
  3. Only One agent can be approved per aspirant in all circumstances.
  4. All agents must be approved by the electoral committee.
  5. All aspirants must forward names of their agents in writing to the
    electoral committee on/before Monday 4th July 2022 for screening and
  6. Any agent not approved by the electoral committee must be replaced
    immediately and shall not be allowed to perform such function on the
    day of election.
  7. The absence of an agent at any point during the voting will not in any
    way invalidate the election.
  8. While at the polling centre, an agent is authorized only to observe the
    voting process.
  9. If any agent contravenes any election rule, or become disruptive to the
    polling process, his status as agent shall be revoked.


  1. The candidate who receives the highest valid votes for the position shall be
    declared the winner.
  2. After the documentation of the results, all agents shall be required to sign the
    results. However, refusal by any agent to append signature will not invalidate such result.


  1. The winner shall be pronounced through an announcement by the Chairman
    upon completion of the counting procedure and signing of the results.
  2. The candidates duly elected shall be issued certificate of return.


Dr M.A.ADEBAKIN Chairman, Electoral Committee

Earlier: YABATECH Notice to Students on Election 

Yaba College of Technology, YABATECH had released an important notice to all students on election. See details below.

This is to bring to the Notice of entire Students of Yaba College of Technology to take note of the following ahead of the upcoming Students Union Elections;

1) Election shall be both Physical and Virtual

2) Physical voting shall take place simultaneously in both Epe and Yaba campuses.

3) Only HND 2 Full-Time students in both campuses shall vote physically.

4) ND 1 & HND 1 Full-Time students are not eligible to vote.

5) All ND 2 Full-Time students shall vote online.

6) All Part-Time students shall vote online.

7) Voting shall take place between 9am-2pm.


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