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Facts and Reasons Why You Can Get Admission This Year – JAMB Success Secrets

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The facts stated here are to show you why you have every reason to make your JAMB this year. I have earlier tried to disprove the common myths that have held some of us back and building upon that foundation, I want you see reasons with me why you can and should be able to secure your admission this year.

Fact 1: JAMB examinations are now Computer-Based.

JAMB Registrar, Professor Dibu Ojerinde’s made a statement after the 2013 exercise that, “We have gone digital in JAMB” and as I write this, it has been confirmed that the coming exercises will be computer-based. This is good news because marking errors will now be much more minimized. The computer will immediately after the examination grade you according to the program and your mark will be sent to the database till the result will be released for printing.

This is part of what I have been saying. The world is changing and Nigeria is following suit even though a little slowly. Very many people know at least how to operate a mouse on the computer and other little basics. This is the only computer skill you need – how to operate a mouse, move the cursor around the monitor screen and select options by clicks. You may still attend basic computer training courses before JAMB if you so wish especially if you are completely computer illiterate.

In the examination hall, your computer will be ‘timed’ and once the allotted time is reached, the questions screen will turn off, even if you have not answered any question. More advantages are that everybody will be given equal time and will have to stop at exactly the time allotted and moreover, the time will be counting down before you on the screen which will make you more time-conscious. You may also need to know that the best results in the 2013/2014 JAMB-UTME were obtained by candidates that sat for the Computer Based Type (CBT).

Fact 2: JAMB doesn’t go outside their syllabus.

Often times, candidates wonder where JAMB set their questions from because they seem difficult. There is nothing new under the sun for JAMB to set other than from those topics listed in their syllabus. If you have noticed, the syllabus almost encompasses everything a school leaver should have been taught in secondary school according to the defined schemes of work. The only problem we often encounter is time to study and revise all those things over and over again as is necessary for that kind of exam.

If JAMB doesn’t go out of their syllabus, that means that you can go through the topics listed for focus and study them without having any fear of external questions coming from the moon. The only you will need to worry about is how you can study those topics intensively and internalize them.

Fact 3: The world today is no longer as we knew it yesterday.

I brought in this fact to raise a point I have tried to make earlier. Some courses are gradually becoming obsolete while others are taking their place and you will do yourself a lot of good to start rethinking your reasons for wanting to study particular courses. Do you want to study law, medicine, engineering, accounting, pharmacy and other so-called ‘professional’ courses because of their ‘big’ and popular names? Is your reason as a result of pressure from others such as parents or is it as a result of a myopic view?

In the world today, and with Nigeria following suit, a global skill shift is taking place. In other words, the advancement taking place is making so many jobs outdated and new jobs requiring new skills are being created. A course like Library Science is becoming outdated because books can be gotten and read in electronic form today and are gradually these e-books are replacing paper-back books. Moreover, you are reading one now which I wrote and published in the comfort of my home, with a personal computer and internet connection.

Today, software engineers, systems analysts, network administrators, biomedical engineers, X-ray technicians, information and communication technicians, laboratory technicians, urban planners, financial advisors and analysts, business training specialists, technical writers and these so-called neglected professionals are now in high demand. In fact, here in our country, the Federal Government is trying to encourage youths to venture into agriculture by funding their businesses. Soon, oil will no longer be the in-thing. After all, it is a highly non-renewable natural resource and that’s why in some countries today, cars run on water and electricity. Thread carefully while selecting your choice course of study.

Fact 4: The ball is in your court and you are responsible for your success or failure.

What this means is that JAMB has absolutely no power over you. It’s a fact and you had better believe it. It’s you that will decide whether you prefer to stay at home or whether you will make the required efforts to secure your admission into the university. Admission awaits you if can only realize this. No matter how tricky and difficult JAMB make their questions, if you ‘over-prepare’ for the exams, you will have nothing to fear.

It is equally a fact that those very few (the number was less than five in my time) that make up to 300 and above do not have two heads, neither do they have a different brain than ours. When I entered the university and began to grasp this truth and realize that there must be a price these people pay that I’m not paying, I began to discipline myself to take specific actions such as spending at least three hours in the library daily. That’s when I started getting the best scores in my class, even 100’s, yes 100 over 100.

Adequate preparation for anything at all will always at least supply the confidence to take on that challenge and this confidence alone is very important for success. Albert Einstein’s principle was to research on anything he wanted to learn about until there was nothing left to find on that subject. That’s why he was that extra-ordinary. Mind you, doing worthwhile things is never interesting at the start but it gets better as you begin to form it as a habit and your system adapts to it.

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