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What You Need to Know About Bauchi State University (BASU)

About Bauchi State University (BASU)

Bauchi State University is a prestigious institution of learning located in Bachi State in North Eastern Nigeria. Though, quite a recently established university, I mean, for a university established in 2010, the university has proved to be quite a name in the North Eastern Region of Nigeria. Below is a brief excerpt from BASU official website about the university.

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A Brief History of Bauchi State and the University

What is known as Bauchi State was, until 1976, a province in the Northern Eastern State of Nigeria. According to the census in 2006, the state has a population of 3.5 million inhabitants.

Bauchi State occupies a total land area of 49.259.01 sq.km representing about 5.3% of Nigeria’s total land mass and is located latitude 903’ and 1203’ North of the Equator. Longitudinally, the stated lies between Longitude 8050’ and 110 East of the Greenwich Meridian.

The state is bordered with by seven states; Kano and Jigawa to the North. Taraba and Plateau to the South, Gombe and Yobe to the East and Kaduna to the West.

Bauchi State University was established under the Bauchi State law promulgated in 2010. In March 2011 Bauchi State Government appointed a consultant to resolve all outstanding issues and put finishing touches necessary for the smooth take-off of the University to commence academic programmes in the 2011/12 session. Consequently, three campuses were approved, one in Gadau (Azare) which will be the main campus and home to the University’s apex administration, then Misau campus and Bauchi campus respectively.

By the end of second phase 2016/17 to 2021/22, Bauchi State University is expected to have the following faculties and programmes.


Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
Post graduate School
Center for Ecology Research
Faculty of Administration
Faculty of Law


Faculty of Social and Management Science
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Environmental Science

The approved logo of Bauchi State University is an artist’s effort to capture the University’s vision, mission, philosophy and objectives.

Stretched hide skin …………………………………. Livestock
Green color ………………………………………….Crops
Yellow color …………………………………………Mining
Flame ………………………………………………..Learning and Energy


The Hausa inscription “Ilimi Tushen Cigaba” is the motto, it simply means that knowledge is the foundation of progress.


The vision of Bauchi State University is to become a center of excellence in scholarship in as many academic disciplines as may be needed in response to intellectual and other development needed of the people of Bauchi State in particular and nation at large.


Through its teaching and research activities Bauchi State University is expected to be a significant contributor in extending the various frontiers of knowledge for the benefit of its student and society at large.


Bauchi State University will be an environment conducive for freedom of thoughts expression of enquiry for all. To this end, its doors will be open to all staff and students – irrespective of creed, gender and religious belief. The overall philosophy is to endeavor in seeking the truth and disseminating same for the good of all mankind.


To realize its vision and mission, Bauchi State University must work assiduously to achieve the following objectives as pre-condition:

  • Identify, recruit and or attract the finest staff manpower to carry out its vital traditional functions of teaching, research and community service.
  • To encourage the advancement of learning and to hold out all person without distinction of race, creed, sex or political conviction, the opportunity of acquiring higher and liberal education.
  • To provide courses of instruction and other facilities for the pursuit of learning in all its campuses,  and to make those facilities available on proper terms to such persons as are equipped to benefit  from them.
  • To encourage, promote scholarship and conduct research in all field of learning and human endeavor.
  • To relate the activities to the social and economic needs of the people of Nigeria.
  • To undertake any other activities appropriate for a University of the highest other.


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