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UTME 2016: JAMB Should Remark This Exam Or Cancel It [Opinion]

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All You Need to Know About JAMB 2015/2016 Registration

Since I knew about JAMB, I have never had any news saying that more than half of those that sat for jamb were complaining that they were not given their right scores.

When majority are complaining, then its obvious that they are saying the truth. People are just crying everywhere, because its very painful that you are very sure of what you wrote expecting nothing less that 300, and at the end of the day JAMB sent you 180 as your score.

Some complained that the subject that they answered just few questions were where they got the highest marks meanwhile failing those they were sure of. Have you ever heard of JAMB dashing people 5 marks, talk more of 40, to tell you that they know that they are at fault and that the scores they gave them at the initial time was not their real score.

If those exams where to be remarked, i am 100% sure that more that half of those people complaining will score higher than their formal score plus 40. And now there are not still giving everybody the 40 additional marks no matter the reason for that,is that not cheating, partiality and wickedness.

Imagine that someone they originally gave 160 and letter added 40 will now have a total score of 200 whereas there is also another person out there that is normally not supposed to score 160 but was given 160 with no additional mark. And the one with 200 will sit for putme in his/her choice university while the other will not.

Is it fair? There should be equity. So therefore its high time the govt should come into this situation and solve it. Last year, JAMB came up with eligibility, now it is wrong markings.

All Jambites affected seriously needs to disagree with this jamb 2016 result. The govt should look into look into this matter because this is really unbearable. If this where to be some other foreign countries, by now there must have been a record of about 1000 students that have committed suicide. For the fact that Nigerians are not like that doesn’t mean they should be deprived of their right.

Seriously the government ought to look into this matter.

Its either jamb gives the computer the right answers and remark these test or cancel the exam or call them to rewrite their exams after they must have resolved the problems.


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  • Utme 2020 A real shock to me

    1. Register

    2. Seriously 2020 jamb A real shock 2 me also
      After everything

  • jamb is a useless body. I am disappointed in them. now they want to scrap post utme, what is the hope of Nigerian students, none I think.

  • Juliet

    Pls i rily wmt jamb to remark my work

  • Precious

    Why should those work in jamb office in abuja take part in duming their candidate all in the name of upgrade score,its not right,i am sure of what i wrote been expting 350 as a score but the failed me God will reward them if they did it knownly they shall recieve their result

  • Daniel M.

    pls, are they remarking or we're rewritting?

    1. @Daniel, some people will be rewriting.

  • Samhpoo

    jamb should cancel it or use 2016/2017 answer script instend of 2015/2016 no time 2 waste time oooooo

  • Yahaya

    The only thing they will just do nw is dat de should cancel dat exam

  • Prince

    come abeg make they cancel jamb or they add 40 marks for everybody becos it is really unfair that they gave some people 40 mark.

  • Godwin

    Pls reply to our comments.. Comment box was made for complaints and you guys are not replying.. Why?

    1. Godwin, we're really sorry about your predicament but there's nothing much we can do. The Senate is seating on the issue of JAMB and hopefully things will get better. For now, the best advice I can give is for you to try IJMB or any other programme that will not require JAMB. We're working on a list of possible options for Nigerian admission seekers which we will post soon.

  • Oladosu Ibrahim

    jamb should cancel d entire exam and fix another date for the exam. my sleepless night,fasting,praying etc should not go in vain. i received different score 113,112,153,205,251,199.am tired o. in d exam i used three computer. the computer is faulty i went to server room to complain,the woman chase ne out and my time is runing. imagine maths chemistry physics english for 2hrs 45mins.this is no fair. I did my exam 29th Feb.help me my father is so mean to me now

  • Godwin

    Jamb should pls remark my exams. I cnt read day night without sleeping nd end up with 184.. Pls do something. Thanks.. I wrote on the 14 of march, centre. Rollins king computer. I would gladly supply all the necessary information if asked.

  • Ufuoma

    Wahlai dey must cancel or rewrite dz year jamb exam...imagine dey gave me 184 while I was expecting 250 nd above...maths dat I didn't even solve a single question but was jus choosing anything dat comes 2 mind had my highest score while econs dat I was very sure of..I had even solved d questions dat came out in past questions b4 that day dey gave me 34(my lowest)...I shake my head,I am cursing nd wil continue cursing jamb officials untill they gimme my rightful results...even without my maths being sure I was very much sure of my other 3 papers...could never get below 65 in any of them...dey r now giving me rubbish...cancel jamb...simple!!!

  • Tohluhin

    pls find something to do about Dis jamb results pls time wait for no man

  • Akorede @ Bachel


  • Drelyx

    what is your jamb score that you said they should not cancel it.
    The better thing is DAT it is either jamb cancel or add mark to it or they should remark it because people are crying everywhere. thanks

  • Akanbi Opeyemi

    Y will dey cancel it... If dey shud cancel it dat shows Nigeria is movinq backward.. D best solution is dat dey shud eida add 40marks each to all jambite or dey shud leave it lyk dat

  • Victor

    Please re visit dis jamb issue dis year

  • Babskid Eleniyan

    It is better dey cancel dis year 2016 Jamb examination.. Or dey ask us to Rewrite d exam

  • Udoyibo

    It such a pity that we student would have to suffer it unfair oo