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UDUSOK 2016/2017 Undergraduate & Postgraduate Academic Calendar Released

The Senate at its 304th (special) meeting held on Friday 7th Oct, 2016 considered and approved the 2016/2017 Revised Calendar for Postgraduate and Undergraduate studies as follows;

UDUSOK 2016/2017 Undergraduate & Postgraduate Academic Calendar Released

1st Semester Break, Marking of Examinations and Senate Consideration of Results -3 Weeks -Monday 20th March, 2017 to Saturday 08th April, 2017

Lectures Begin -7 Weeks -Monday 10th Apri1, 2017 to Saturday 27th May, 2017 
2nd Mid Semester Break -1 Week -Monday 29th May, 2017 to Saturday 3rd June, 2017 
Lectures Continue -6 Weeks -Monday 05th June, 2017 to Saturday 15th July, 2017 
2nd Semester Examinations -4 Weeks -Monday 17th July, 2017 to Saturday 12th August, 2017 
2nd Semester Break, Marking of Examinations, Moderation and Submission of Results and Approval by the University Senate -6 Weeks -Monday 14th August, 2017 to Saturday 23rd September, 2017 Beginning of 2017/2018 Academic Monday 25th September, 2017 Session

1st Semester
Registration of New Students 2 weeks Monday 9th Jan. 2017 to Saturday 21st Jan. 2017 
Registration of Returning Students 1 week Monday 231′ Jan 2017 to Saturday 28th Jan. 2017 
1st Semester Lectures Begin 7 weeks Monday 30th Jan. 2017 to Saturday 18th March 2017 
Mid Semester Break l week Monday 20th March 2017 to Saturday 25th March, 2017 
1st Semester Lectures Continue 6weeks Monday 27th March 2017 to Monday 8th May 2017 
1st Semester Examinations 4weeks Tuesday 9th May 2017 to Tuesday 6th June 2017
1st Semester Break, Marking of 
Examinations and Senate Consideration 
of Results 3weeks Wednesday 7th June, 2017 to Tuesday 27th June 2017

2nd Semester
2nd Semester Lecture Begin 7weeks Wednesday 28th June 2017 to Thursday 24th Aug. 2017 
Mid Semester Break l week Friday 25th Aug. 2017 to Thursday 31st Aug. 2017 
2nd Semester Lectures Continue 6weeks Friday 1st Sept. 2017 to Saturday 7th Oct. 2017
2nd Semester Examinations 4weeks Monday 9th Oct. 2017 to Saturday 11th Nov. 2017
2nd Semester Break, Marking of Examinations, Moderation and Submission of Results for Approval of 6weeks

Monday 13th Nov. 2017 to Saturday 30th Dec. 2017 the University Senate

Beginning of 2017/2018 Academic Tuesday 2nd January, 2018 Session

Thank you.

Academic Secretary
For. Registrar


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